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Hyperhidrosis – treatment of excessive sweating

Hyperhidrosis is a condition characterized by excessive sweating. It can occur in normal everyday situations, as well as in stressful or nervous conditions. Hyperhidrosis can affect different parts of the body, but most often it affects the palms, armpits, feet, and other areas. This leads to physical discomfort and embarrassment, significantly spoils the appearance and quality of clothing (in the case of axillary localization), and can greatly affect the psychological state of a person, causing feelings of embarrassment and inferiority.


Recovery days no
Cost from13400 UAH
Session time 30 - 45min
Number of procedures 1

Stages of treatment of hyperhidrosis


Consultation with a dermatologist. After diagnosis and confirmation of the diagnosis, the optimal treatment option is selected.


If conservative methods (antiperspirants) are ineffective, more radical treatment, such as botulinum toxin injections, may be offered.


Surgical treatment of hyperhidrosis can include a sympathetic denervation procedure, when the signals that cause excessive sweating are blocked, or radical surgery to remove the sweat glands.


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How the session goes in our clinic

At first, in our clinic, we perform a special iodine-starch test to more accurately determine the places of maximum localization of the sweat glands.

After that, an application anesthetic (cream) is applied to the areas of hyperhidrosis for 20-30 minutes to reduce pain from the injection (there are quite a few of them – about 30-40 in each axillary area).

The actual botulinum toxin injection is quick, with a minimum of discomfort.

After the procedure, the patient can immediately return to a normal lifestyle.


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Benefits and results of hyperhidrosis treatment

Treatment of hyperhidrosis has many advantages and positive results. One of the main benefits is an improvement in the quality of life of patients suffering from excessive sweating.

  • After hyperhidrosis treatment, people may feel more comfortable and confident as they will no longer feel constantly anxious about the visibility of sweat stains on their clothes. Also, the results of treatment can be long-lasting, meaning that patients can enjoy reduced sweating for a long time after the procedures.
  • Treatment of hyperhidrosis can also help to reduce stress and improve the psychological well-being of patients, as they will no longer suffer from social isolation due to their condition.

Doctor's opinion

I always do this procedure with great pleasure, knowing that I am helping the patient to become more confident, just happier.
Olena Vitalievna Moiseeva

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Indications for the treatment of hyperhidrosis include the presence of excessive sweating that interferes with the patient’s daily life, causing discomfort and social problems. In other words, hyperhidrosis requires treatment if it leads to a significant deterioration in quality of life.




Contraindications include allergic reactions to the ingredients used in the treatment procedures, as well as the presence of certain diseases, such as asthma or heart failure. It is also undesirable to treat hyperhidrosis in pregnant women and people with hypersensitivity to a particular treatment method.




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