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Clinical medicine

Clinical medicine is playing an increasingly important role in cosmetology, as patients are becoming more and more interested in receiving high-quality medical care for their skin. Specialists in the field of cosmetology are increasingly using clinical methods to solve skin problems, such as acne, pigmentation, aging, and others.

Clinical medicine in cosmetology can include various procedures such as laser therapy, Botox injections, peels, and many others. Doctors and aestheticians work together to achieve the best results for patients, taking into account their medical and cosmetic history to offer an individualized approach to each person. This type of science in cosmetology is constantly evolving, and clinical medicine plays a key role in this process, helping patients achieve healthy and beautiful skin.


Treatment of rosacea


Treatment of acne


Treatment of seborrheic dermatitis


Treatment of alopecia (baldness)


Digital dermatoscopy


Radio wave removal of tumors


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Clinical medicine
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