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Chin contouring

Chin contouring is a procedure aimed at correcting the shape and volume of the chin with the help of injections of hyaluronic or other types of filler. It can be performed to increase the volume of the chin, eliminate a double chin, correct asymmetry or severity of the chin angle.


Recovery days 2 - 3
Cost from6500 UAH
Session time 40 - 60min
Number of procedures 1 - 2

Stages of chin plastic surgery


First, a consultation with a cosmetologist is held, during which the patient tells about his or her desires and expectations from the procedure.


Then the doctor examines and assesses the condition of the skin and chin to determine the appropriate correction method. After that, local anesthesia is applied and filler is injected into specific points on the chin.


At the end of the procedure, the doctor performs a massage and assists in choosing skin care after contouring. The patient can immediately return to their daily life, avoiding intense physical activity for the first day.


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How the session goes in our clinic

Chin plastic surgery in our clinic is performed in the same way as all other injection procedures. After a consultation and examination, the doctor treats the skin with an antiseptic, applies application anesthesia if necessary, and then makes injections. In some cases, we use a needle technique, in some cases, a cannula. Sometimes we combine both of these techniques in one procedure. Their choice depends on the individual anatomical features of the patient.

For the chin area, our clinic uses special high-density fillers that can maintain the shape of the chin and the oval line. These are Juviderm voluma, Juviderm volax, Teosyal ultra deep, Teosyal RHA4.

After the procedure, the patient receives recommendations for further care.



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Benefits and results

Chin contouring is a procedure that allows you to correct the shape and volume of the chin with the help of injections of natural or synthetic fillers. One of the main advantages of this procedure is the ability to obtain quick and natural results without the need for surgery.

  • It helps to improve facial contours, reduce a double chin, and give a clearer jawline. This procedure also helps to increase the volume and improve the shape of the chin, which can make the facial profile more harmonious.
  • The results of chin contouring can last from several months to several years, depending on the filler chosen and the patient’s individual characteristics. In general, chin contouring offers an effective and safe way to improve the appearance of the face without major surgery.

Doctor's opinion

We use it both as a correction of age-related changes (teeth "eat away" with age, the bite shortens, the distance between the lip and chin decreases) and as a correction of natural facial disharmony, for example, in case of a small chin.
Vitaliia Eduardivna Grishchenko

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Indications for chin contouring include the absence of a pronounced chin contour, excess chin skin, and the need to improve the facial profile.




Contraindications include pregnancy and lactation, inflammatory processes in the area of the intended intervention, allergies to the components of the drug, and autoimmune diseases. It is also not recommended to perform the procedure during exacerbation of chronic diseases, blood clotting disorders, as their compensation is required first. Therefore, before undergoing chin contouring, you should consult an experienced specialist who will conduct a detailed consultation and determine the feasibility and safety of the procedure for a particular patient.




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