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Digital dermatoscopy

Dermatoscopy is a method of skin examination used to diagnose various dermatological diseases, such as moles, melanomas and other skin tumors. Dermatoscopy allows you to detect signs invisible to the naked eye that may indicate the malignant nature of the lesions, which allows you to start treatment in time and prevent the development of dangerous diseases.


Recovery days no
Cost from600 UAH
Session time 30min
Number of procedures 1

Stages of dermatoscopy


The first stage of dermatoscopy is a naked eye examination of the skin for a general assessment of the condition.


Then the doctor examines the lesion with a dermatoscope to obtain an enlarged image with special illumination and the use of immersion fluid, which allows for a more detailed study of the structure of the element and the details of pigmentation.


After that, the data obtained is analyzed and a conclusion is drawn up on the condition of the skin, changes or pathologies detected. The stages of dermatoscopy are important for creating a complete picture of the skin condition and timely detection of possible problem areas.


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How the session goes in our clinic

In our clinic, the dermatoscopy method has been used for a long time, and our doctors have undergone special training in dermatoscopy and diagnosis of skin tumors.

This is a simple procedure, but it requires special training. Now we cannot imagine how we used to do without dermatoscopy.



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Benefits and results

Dermatoscopy is a skin examination method that allows for a closer look at various skin lesions and changes. This method is an important tool for dermatologists, and it allows for much earlier detection of various skin diseases, such as skin cancer and melanoma.

  • The benefits of dermatoscopy include more accurate diagnosis, the ability to track changes in skin lesions, and the ability to reduce the number of biopsies.
  • The results of dermatoscopy can save patients’ lives, allowing them to detect dangerous diseases in time and start treatment at an early stage. This method also helps patients maintain healthy skin and prevent the development of serious problems in the future.

Doctor's opinion

Modern diagnosis of skin tumors is simply impossible without dermatoscopy. Dermatoscopes can be different, but the principle of diagnosis is unchanged - there is a generally accepted diagnostic scale that we use, which makes it easier to identify dangerous tumors and allows us to take the right timely measures.
Olena Vitalievna Moiseeva

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Dermatoscopy is prescribed to detect and diagnose various skin diseases, such as melanoma, birthmarks, seborrheic warts, and others. Indications for this examination include the presence of suspicious skin lesions, changes in the color, size, or shape of birthmarks, as well as a family history of melanoma or other skin tumors.





The dermatoscopy method has no contraindications.




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I rarely write reviews, but after visiting this clinic I can't help myself) Dr. Svetlana Vasilievna is a pro in her field! She treats her clients with great attention and care! This is a doctor who can give the right advice and always helps with solving the problem! Thanks to the Ankor clinic for a pleasant time and professionals in the clinic!

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Modern, professional, customer-oriented, speak Ukrainian.

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