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Removal of papillomas by laser

Laser (radio wave knife) papilloma removal is a modern and effective procedure used to remove small superficial skin lesions. The laser or radio wave knife targetedly coagulates the tissue around the growth, which allows for its minimally traumatic removal, and, if necessary, the element itself can be sent for histological examination.


Recovery days 7 - 14
Cost from200 UAH
Session time 30 - 60min
Number of procedures 1

Stages of the procedure


First, you need to consult a dermatologist who will assess the condition of the papillomas and give recommendations on how to prepare for the procedure. Then you should prepare your skin by cleansing it of cosmetics and dirt.


After that, local anesthesia is applied to minimize pain during the procedure. The next step is the actual removal of papillomas with a laser (radio wave knife), which is performed with high accuracy and safety.


After the procedure, you should follow the doctor's recommendations for the care of the treated skin areas. Usually, after laser removal of papillomas, small crusts remain on the skin, which heal within a few days.


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How the session goes in our clinic

Removal of papillomas, as well as any other skin neoplasms, in our clinic is carried out after consultation with a dermatologist and detailed diagnostics using dermatoscopy.

Skin papillomas are viral in nature and tend to spread rapidly on the body. Particularly vulnerable areas with thin skin are the neck, eyelids, armpits, and inguinal folds. Therefore, if you are diagnosed with papillomas, we recommend getting rid of the maximum possible number in one session. If there are too many, divide them into several sessions, gradually removing all of them.

We perform removal with a CO2 laser Deka (Italy) or a radio wave knife Surgyderm (USA). For the smallest papillomas, we use an anesthetic cream to minimize pain.

We give recommendations for wound management and, if necessary, prescribe treatment to prevent recurrence of papillomavirus.



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Benefits and results

Laser (radio wave knife) removal of papillomas is the most modern way to get rid of unwanted skin lesions. Laser and radio wave removal are competing in popularity in the world. Both of these methods have undeniable advantages over other methods, such as surgical removal or cryodestruction.

  • They often do not require anesthesia, so patients experience minimal discomfort. These methods usually do not leave scars or scars on the skin, which makes the procedure more aesthetically pleasing.
  • The results of papilloma removal are usually very good, and most patients see a significant improvement in the appearance of their skin after the procedure. The skin becomes smoother and more even, and the papillomas disappear without the possibility of their reappearance.

Doctor's opinion

Removal using modern methods (laser, radio wave) is much less traumatic and safer than home attempts to remove papillomas with celandine, so to speak. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you consult a specialist and solve this problem in a civilized manner.
Tetyana Ivanivna Khabarova

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Papillomas are benign skin lesions that can cause aesthetic and physical discomfort. Papillomas are viral in nature, and their appearance is associated with the activation of certain types of papillomaviruses.





However, any indications and contraindications should be taken into account before the procedure. Indications for papilloma removal are their presence. However, sometimes there may be contraindications, such as the presence of an acute infectious process, an unstable mental state of the patient, and pregnancy. Therefore, before performing the laser papilloma removal procedure, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist who deals with the removal of neoplasms.




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