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Treatment of acne

Acne is a chronic skin disease characterized by the appearance of inflamed acne, blackheads and pustules. It most often manifests itself during adolescence, when, under the influence of hormonal changes, the skin glands begin to actively produce sebum. Acne can be caused by various factors, such as hormonal changes, heredity, stress, the use of anabolic hormones and some other medications and supplements, and sometimes unhealthy diet.


Recovery days no
Cost from2200 UAH
Session time 40 - 90min
Number of procedures 6 - 20

Stages of acne treatment


The first stage of acne treatment is a consultation with a dermatologist, with the use of additional methods of skin examination, and the appointment of tests if necessary.


Then the doctor chooses the treatment tactics that are appropriate in a particular case. Sometimes it is the prescription of systemic medications (in severe forms), often it is possible to get by with topical treatment (special creams, gels) in combination with professional procedures in the clinic (microdermabrasion, ultrasound, peels, microcurrents, facial cleansing, phototherapy, etc.)


Finally, it is necessary to choose the right skin care products (washing, moisturizing) that do not contradict the prescribed treatment and do not aggravate the problem. The effectiveness of acne treatment should be monitored by a doctor from time to time - during procedures if topical treatment is chosen, or at periodic consultations if systemic treatment is prescribed.


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How the session goes in our clinic

We have been dealing with the problem of acne for many years, and we get reliable good results, even in severe cases.

During the consultation, the doctor always discusses treatment options with the patient, taking into account previous failures and all individual characteristics.

For the effective treatment of this complex pathology, our clinic has various methods – microdermabrasion, ultrasound, microcurrent therapy, phototherapy (IPL), fractional laser.

And most importantly, we have extensive experience in acne treatment, reliable proprietary techniques and experienced cosmetologists and dermatologists.



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Benefits and results

The benefits of acne treatment include eliminating inflammation, reducing sebum production, smoothing skin texture, and preventing scarring. The results of acne treatment can be seen within a few weeks after the start of therapy.

  • Treatment helps to reduce the number and severity of acne breakouts and prevent further breakouts. Clearing the skin of acne also helps to improve well-being and self-esteem. After successful acne treatment, the skin becomes smoother, healthier and more even.
  • The benefits of acne treatment are not limited to external changes, as improving the skin condition can also increase overall well-being and confidence. Therefore, it is important to start acne treatment as early as possible to achieve maximum results in the fight against this irritating condition.

Doctor's opinion

Given that the majority of patients are at a vulnerable young age, when it is extremely important to look good and have self-confidence, the importance of acne treatment cannot be overestimated. It must be treated, and the sooner the better!
Olena Vitalievna Moiseeva

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The indication for acne treatment is the presence of acne.

When choosing a treatment regimen, it is necessary to take into account possible psychological problems that patients with acne may have, some personal circumstances and previous treatment experience.




There are no contraindications for acne treatment. It is a skin disease that needs to be treated. However, the choice of treatment method is the art and experience of the doctor.

Sometimes, certain patient conditions (pregnancy, lactation, certain pathologies, or medication) limit the ability to prescribe the most effective acne treatments. But in modern dermatology, there are always means that can replace them and alleviate the patient’s skin condition.




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