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Ultrasonic MRI is the latest generation device that uses HIFU (focused high-energy ultrasound lifting) technology. This is a modern technique that allows you to achieve the result of rejuvenation, tissue tightening without the use of surgery or injections.

The device has several cartridges with different depths of impact (1.5 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 4.5 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, 13 mm). This allows for layer-by-layer treatment and reduction of the tissues of the face or any area of the body, with maximum results. At the depth programmed for each cartridge, the ultrasound beams converge to microscopic points, where their energy is summed up and heats the tissue to high temperatures (60-65*C). Such points are very small, but there are many of them, so contraction and tightening occur evenly, on all layers, from ligamentous, fatty, to skin. In addition, this effect has a stimulating effect on all tissues of the face and body, which is manifested by improving skin quality, reducing the number of wrinkles, tightening facial contours, and reducing excess localized fat deposits.


Recovery days no
Cost from12000 UAH
Session time 40 - 90min
Number of procedures 1 - 3

Stages of the project


First, a consultation is held, where the doctor assesses the condition of the face (or problem areas of the body) and the possibility of correction using the HIFU technique. During the consultation, the amount of exposure and the course of procedures are determined (sometimes one procedure is not enough to achieve the desired effect). Then the skin is cleansed. A special gel that conducts ultrasound is applied to the skin.


The actual lifting procedure is performed starting from the deeper layer. After completing the lifting on the first layer, the cartridge is changed, the next, more superficial layer is processed, and finally the skin is treated. The patient may feel warmth in some places, sometimes slight pain, but it is absolutely tolerable and does not require anesthesia.


The session ends with the application of a special post-procedure cream or mask. Within a week after the procedure, the treated areas will have a crepitus-like sensation, which gradually disappears. The improvement of the result lasts for another two to three months. In the presence of large fat packets, it is possible to repeat the procedure locally (up to 3 times) in a month.


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How the session goes in our clinic

Our clinic has gained extensive experience in face and body correction using the Ultraformer device. Now we have the latest generation Ultraformer MRI device (South Korea).

During the consultation, the doctor determines the condition of the tissues, anatomical features and the real possibilities of correction using this technique. The volume and depth of exposure, the number of pulses are immediately determined, depending on the patient’s expectations and individual characteristics.

We take a photo before the procedure and proceed directly to the procedure itself. We mark the areas to be treated. After the usual cleansing of the skin, we apply a contact gel and begin to sequentially pass the necessary areas.

It is very indicative to take a photo or simply give the patient a mirror after treating one side so that they can see this lifting effect that occurs immediately during the procedure.

Upon completion, a post-procedure cream or mask is applied to the face, recommendations for care are given, and the next appointment is scheduled – for control or to continue treatment.




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Benefits and results

Ultraformer is an innovative technology designed for facelifting and body sculpting without surgery. Its main advantages include fast and visible results, no trauma, a stimulating effect on the skin, and no recovery period after the procedure.

  • Ultrasonic MRI uses ultrasonic waves to destroy fat cells, shrink tissue, tighten, and stimulate the production of collagen and other skin structures, which helps improve skin quality.
  • Clients note the effect of lifting, facelifting, volume reduction and improvement of body or face contours after the first procedure. This procedure is also characterized by the absence of risks associated with surgery and eliminates the need for long-term rehabilitation. The Ultraformer procedure is popular among women and men who prefer to preserve the natural appearance of their face or who want to keep their figure in great shape without surgery.

Doctor's opinion

These are modern high technologies, and they cannot be cheap. There is a weakness for abuse here - inexpensive counterfeits appear on the market, which often tempts both patients and professionals.
Olena Vitalievna Moiseeva

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Indications for the Ultraformer MRI procedure are the desire to tighten facial contours, improve body contours, get rid of cellulite and reduce localized fat volumes in certain areas.




Contraindications include pregnancy, recent (up to 3 months) dental implants, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, blood clotting disorders, and inflammatory processes in the area of exposure. Before the procedure, it is necessary to consult a doctor to exclude the presence of contraindications and discuss the expected result.




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